Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Traditional Vape Juice

Originally, all vape juice started as a free-base. The four ingredients in traditional e-liquid being vegetable glycerine, or VG (usually between 60% and 80% of the juice base), propylene glycol, or PG (Generally between 20% and 40% of the base mixture), nicotine (to strengths, for the most part, between 3mg and 18mg), and flavoring.

Milligrams and Milliliters Let’s simplify this. Milligrams is a measurement of mass and Milliliters are a measurement of volume, so it can be confusing when a single mixture uses both measurements.

In simple terms:

3mg juice is approximately .3% nicotine.

If you’re using 12mg juice, about 1.2% of the mix is nicotine.

18mg is about as high a nicotine concentration that any sane person wants to vape, when using traditional vape juices. Jack the Ripper probably vaped 24mg - I’ll have to fact check that.

Most people wouldn’t want to go with a higher nic level because at some point the nicotine flavor starts to overpower the flavoring and frankly, it burns and the hit is just too strong for most vapers, especially if using a sub-ohm tank, with massive vapor production.

Nic Salts

Nic salts have several benefits. The actual nicotine salt is derived with a different process that leaves it nearly flavorless. For that reason, the nicotine in nic salt juices doesn’t overpower the taste of the juice, even at higher mg levels (up to 50mg, or approximately 5% of the mixture). If you’ve ever vaped 0mg e-juice, you know how much freebase nicotine changes the juice flavor. With nic salts, you can use a higher mixture (usually between 25mg and 45mg) without compromising the flavor.

Nic salts deliver more nicotine to the volume of vapor, so you won’t get big clouds with nicotine salts, the way you would with a sub-ohm box mod.

The way that nic salts are vaporized makes a much smoother throat hit, making the feel of a 25mg nic salt hit feel about the same as a 6mg freebase nicotine hit.

You’ll use less juice with nic salts

Because there is a higher concentration of nicotine in nic-salts, using the same amount will stave off cravings longer. Simple as that. While nicotine salts cost more per milliliter, there is about the same amount of nicotine in a 10 milliliter nic salt bottle at 25mg strength, as there is in a 40 milliliter bottle of traditional juice at 6mg strength.

Nic Salt Mods and Pods use less power

Nicotine-salt mods have less work to do, because there is so much more nicotine delivery to the same volume of vapor. That means that the 950mAh battery in the Lost Vape Orion Plus will last about the same time as a 3500mAh battery in a Sub Ohm mod, for the same nicotine delivery.

Simply put, if you’re trying to quit smoking, and you want a very similar feeling experience, nic salts might be just right for you.

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